Thursday, November 09, 2006

If I Had A Band I'd Name It...

"If I had a band, I’d name it Slew Magoo, Tomi-Tomi, Radish Fetish, Blue Fear, Lobster Mole, Art Con Carne, Call Me Shirley, Muhammad’s Nipple, Toy Thief, Short Monsters, Deuteronomy Pi, the Sharpsburg Cadets, Awesome’s Razor, Carts & Horses, Saddam’s Sister Eileen, Flog the Cow, Playful Peasants, Torch Thongs, Guileless Bertoni, Lucky Toe, Underage Miners, $5 Movie, Mr. Meister’s Memory, Kiss the Lizard, Big Noisy Smelly Truck, Flaque Jacquette, Sacred Chow, Bin Laden Snow Tires, Ped-X, Honeychopper, the Botanicals, Big Blue Glasses, Brazen Nuns, Buffy Loves Jody, Broken Cookies, Curls In My Soup, Deaf Chef, Oink-Oink There, Me On a Camel, Slithery Joan, Mustard Breath, Slithery Joan Mustard Breath, Fat Mrs. Zelinka, Be Mitchell’s Savior, Third-Grade Terror, 756JPG, Stolen Toys, Misery’s Company Picnic, My Wife’s Brother Bob, Black Fang & Scorpio, Squanto Basher, Braid the Opossum..."

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