Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Exclusive: Christopher Walken to Play Ozzy Osbourne

"LAS VEGAS, Nov. 6, 2006 — Hide the Bats! Christopher Walken has agreed to play the ultimate bad-boy rocker — Ozzy Osbourne..

Motley Crue lead singer Vince Neil told ABC News Radio in an exclusive interview that the 63-year-old Oscar-winning actor will make a cameo appearance as Osbourne in "The Dirt," a movie based on the band's controversial 2001 autobiography.

"How funny is that going to be," Neil told ABC's Al Mancini at the Opening of Vince Neil Ink, the singer's new tattoo parlor in Las Vegas.

The only thing I can think of, it's gonna need more cowbell.

Ok, really, though, how is a 63 year-old Walken gonna play a 40 year-old Ozzy?

The rest of the story on abcnews.com

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