Friday, October 27, 2006

Web Domain Is Up For Sale

"NEW YORK ( -- The Internet domain name is scheduled to be sold at a live auction Friday, with organizers expecting bids of more than $1 million, The Wall Street Journal reported.

The online address is the latest to be put up for sale in a growing market for domain names, consisting of Internet addresses people type in for Web sites, which has been fueled by the surge in Internet advertising, the newspaper said.

According to the Journal, the Internet domain company Moniker will conduct a live auction of 300 names that it predicts could generate bids of more than $1 million for some domains, including, and

Moniker, a unit of the brand and marketing company Seevast Corp., is auctioning for BAT Flli LLC, a creative think tank whose founder, 57-year-old Kenneth Aronson, registered the name in 1995, the Journal said.

Since then, it has been home to a secretive online community, a project Aronson says will benefit from the proceeds of the, which gets about 5,000 new visitors daily, the paper said.

Aronson told the Journal he won't sell for less than several million dollars. " is one of the most powerful brands on the Earth," Aronson said."

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Update: did not sell with a reserve of $2.35M. Article at

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