Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Famous Scary Homes

"Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and even twisted sisters Blanche and Jane Hudson have a knack for creeping us out. Whether it's Halloween or the middle of summer, it's high-time to relive those fears. Behold, our Famous Scary Homes."

House on Haunted Hill
"A weird old guy (Vincent Price in the original) pays guests to stay one night in a haunted house, a place where ceilings drip blood, body parts lurk, and an organ freakily plays by itself. (And please - acid vats in the basement?) The campy movie's exterior shots were at the Frank Lloyd Wright "Ennis House."

For the residents of this house, it's all tricks, no treats. They're stalked by the Tall Man, a terrifying mortician who kills his victims with flying silver balls fitted with blades and a brain-eviscerating drill. Oh, and his minions? They're former dead people he's turned into zombie dwarves.

See the rest of the houses at zillow.com This is a real estate assessment site as well. See the prices of the houses, too.

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