Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Motorhead Christmas Sweater

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Merry Force Be With You

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Lemmy Pumpkin

Thursday, September 15, 2016

A Norwegian artist using dead hands to finger-paint his masterpieces....

The contemporary artist Morten Viskum was made internationally known in 1995, when he conducted his “Rat / olive project.” In the course of two days, he replaced the content of 20 olive jars with newborn rats across 20 grocery stores in the five largest cities in Norway. Since then, he has been regarded as one of the most controversial contemporary artists in Norway. Among other projects, in the works entitled “The hand that never stopped painting”, he created newspaper headlines when he used a truncated hand from a corpse as a paint brush. Viskum works with installations, performance, photography and painting, and has been represented at various exhibitions nationally and internationally.He has established the international contemporary art scene Vestfossen Kunstlaboratorium. Ignitas will contribute as advisors on his Internet, sales and distribution concepts.


It's Nice To See Celebrities Supporting Each Other

Tuesday, May 31, 2016



Lord Byron's inscription for a beloved pet: His Dog

Near this Spot
are deposited the Remains of one
who possessed Beauty without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
and all the virtues of Man without his Vices.
This praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery
if inscribed over human Ashes,
is but a just tribute to the Memory of
Boatswain, a Dog
who was born in Newfoundland May 1803
and died at Newstead Nov. 18th, 1808
When some proud Son of Man returns to Earth,
Unknown to Glory, but upheld by Birth,
The sculptor’s art exhausts the pomp of woe,
And storied urns record who rests below.
When all is done, upon the Tomb is seen,
Not what he was, but what he should have been.
But the poor Dog, in life the firmest friend,
The first to welcome, foremost to defend,
Whose honest heart is still his Master’s own,
Who labours, fights, lives, breathes for him alone,
Unhonoured falls, unnoticed all his worth,
Denied in heaven the Soul he held on earth –
While man, vain insect! hopes to be forgiven,
And claims himself a sole exclusive heaven.
Oh man! thou feeble tenant of an hour,
Debased by slavery, or corrupt by power –
Who knows thee well, must quit thee with disgust,
Degraded mass of animated dust!
Thy love is lust, thy friendship all a cheat,
Thy tongue hypocrisy, thy heart deceit!
By nature vile, ennobled but by name,
Each kindred brute might bid thee blush for shame.
Ye, who behold perchance this simple urn,
Pass on – it honours none you wish to mourn.
To mark a friend’s remains these stones arise;
I never knew but one -- and here he lies.

Wednesday, March 02, 2016

Zoo Keeper Helps Constipated Monkey Pass Peanut By Licking Its Butt For An Hour

As stories about a Chinese zoo keeper licking a monkey's butt in order to save its life go, this one from chinaSMACK is by far the most endearing.
After a young Francois' leaf monkey in his care consumed a peanut that had been tossed into its enclosure, Wuhan Zoo employee Zhang Bangsheng noticed that the animal had become dangerously constipated.
Being too big to pass through the monkey's system naturally, the peanut had to be extracted manually. Apparently, that meant licking it out.
Zhang told local reporters the three-month-old lutung was too small for laxatives, so he had no choice but to extract the wayward legume with his lingua. After washing the its bottom with warm water (because not doing so would be disgusting), Zhang spent an hour polishing the monkey's pooper before the peanut finally popped out.

Via Gawker 

My response:
Monkey: "Hey Jim what did the vet say? Is there anything you can do to save me?"
Zookeeper: "He says you're going to die."