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Horse Head Says What?

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What Happened? Band Aids

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Bat Dog

Is this the most unusually marked greyhound the world has seen?
His kennel name is ‘Zorro’ after the masked fictional character and it is easy to see why.
“I’ve been in greyhound racing for 40 years and have never seen another dog like him”, remarked champion Victorian breeder Tony McGrath.
“He looks as if he has a bat wrapped around his face
“I’ve seen greyhounds that are brindle on one side and fawn on the other and I’ve also seen brindle greyhounds that are so dark that they look black unless they are placed in the direct sunlight.”
“But as far as his markings go, Zorro is definitely the most unusual greyhound I’ve ever seen.”
Zorro lives with greyhound trainer Paula Boots in in the town of Merrigum in Victoria’s north and he is set to begin his racing career towards the end of this year.
“Everyone that see’s him can’t believe how unusual he looks”, Paula said.

“I had him broken-in recently and he will probably start racing in November.”

“He probably won’t be a superstar on the track, but he is good enough to race and once he is retired his owner [Peter Gurry of Chelsea Heights] will be putting him through the Greyhound Adoption Program.”
“He’s very friendly and would be ideal for promoting greyhounds as pets.”

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