Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Banksy Revealed

"Recently we dug up some photos of world renowned graffiti artist BANKSY in Jamaica (thanks in part to a clue from an article in the New Yorker) but were ordered to take them down by a law firm in London. The whole affair is a bit sordid, but here’s the deal. We received cease and desist letters from Finers Stephens Innocent on behalf of notorious spinmeisters Meena Khera PR. They claim that Meena Khera owns the BANKSY photos, since they bought the rights from Jamaican photographer Peter Dean Rickards in June of 2006. Which seems odd considering BANKSY’s manager denied the authenticity of the photos to the New Yorker in the first place:

Steve Lazarides confirmed to the Standard that Banksy had been in Jamaica, but said that Rickards had the wrong guy.

If that’s the case then why the cease and desist blokes? Peter Dean Rickards is not allowed to disclose the deal, but as he said in the New Yorker piece, “they don’t call him BANKsy for nothing.”
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Not what I expected at all.

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