Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Living Cockroach Jewelry

"These creative critters are hand-crafted making each piece a one of kind item. They are made by gluing colorful Austrian Swarovski crystals to the creature’s back. When you wear it, you attach the brooch to your blouse with a pin. There's a little chain that you hook to the roach so it can walk around a little bit but is prevented from moving around too far. "

"The brooches sell for $80 each and have reportedly been scurrying off the shelves. With proper care and feeding they say you can have your roach brooch for a year or longer. A dubious claim no doubt, but these roaches can live that long so it may be true."

Read the blogger post here and If you doubt the legitimacy of this like I did, see local news coverage here.

Or buy your very own jewel encrusted roach at

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