Thursday, August 24, 2006

Armless Driver Arrested

"The Paradox of Michael Wiley is not that he can drive a car without arms. That is only the beginning. The paradox comes from how he drives. Not the physical method by which he turns the steering wheel, which involves the wedging of his left stump into a crevice near the horn, but the things he carries - illegal drugs, sometimes - and the things he smashes - other cars, occasionally -- and the speeds he reaches -- 120 mph in a green Corvette with deputies on his tail, at least once."

"Wiley said in a previous interview that he learned how to drive when he was 15, on a friend's old Pontiac Catalina. He can even drive a stick shift in a pinch, although he cannot tie his own shoes or pour himself a drink."

The article is here.

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