Sunday, July 22, 2012

Zombie Diner

Identify the characters:
The Dead Walk Newspaper - Day Of The Dead (1985}
Shaun Of The Dead - Winchester Arms
Behind the counter - George Romero
At the counter, Bub -  Day Of The Dead 1985  Flyboy aka Stephen Dawn Of The Dead
Zombie On The Street - Return Of The Living Dead
Crawling Zombie-Bicycle Girl -  The Walking Dead
Michael Jackson in the background - Thriller
Capt from the Zombie Nazi Movie - Dead Snow
Little Girl from Dawn Of The Dead Remake
Bill Murray - Zombieland 
Fulci's Zombie in the window across the street in the window
Who's the guy in front of the counter?-Our Man Horn  from the comments says it's the zombie from the beginning of Night Of The Living Dead, Bill Hinzman
Who's the woman doing "The Scream" pose?


Our Man Horn said...

Isn't the foreground counter zombie the graveyard one from Romero's The Night of the Living Dead? The "He's coming to get you, Barbara" one? I'm thinking all the counter zombies are from Romero's trilogy.

Our Man Horn said...

Plus, I think the one at the window on the far right is from Lucio Fulci's "Zombie."

Now, who's in the second-story window across the street?

ZombieCreep said...

Thanks, Our Man Horn. You are absolutely correct on the Romero zombies at the counter.

I didn't even notice the second story window zombie, after zooming in it's definitely from Fulci's zombie