Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Story Of Quasi The Dog

Translated from italian:
The result is that the syndrome has a very severe scoliosis (with two humps), the basin wrong, the front legs are shorter than those behind, and the rear right side shorter than the left. His cervical vertebrae are fused, and therefore can not move my neck in any direction. Do not have a tail, or rather, it is a small bone curl "stuck" in the basin, and even flat feet. In short: you do not
Almost has been abandoned and placed in the street, where he was installed in a small town in Campania, where some voluntary and fed her (her name was Angelica), despite being subject to any kind of harassment from the locals. Most lived in the street, probably between a football and a stone.
One day a very good person in the country said that the appearance of the poor creature made ​​sense, and screaming "monster, monster!" called some other funny guy who loaded and unloaded in the car Angelica away from that one place he knew. The result is that the volunteers sought for more than a month, until a lady, seeing the signs in the street, he called one of them saying there was a wild boar that was crying like a dog and went out only at night, crying, crying. .. the volunteers rushed to takeB Angelica, and a skeleton found themselves at the end of life is certainly not a dog can get food alone.

UPDATE: The owner of the dog answers questions about Quasi on reddit, turns out  to be a happy story and the dog is fairly normal, despite looking like a boar on a leash. 

UPDATE:  This is the horror dog I have to walk on a daily basis. 

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