Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Classmates Ad Explained

"She married him??!! And they've got 7 kids??

That Classmates.com online ad, complete with its hyperactive punctuation, is so ubiquitous — more than 1 billion Web-site displays — that folks around the world know those faces: the serious, bespectacled young woman and the fresh-faced young man, forever linked in cyberspace.

They've even inspired parody pages.

But, in answer to the ad: Sorry, no, the two are not married and they did not breed a passel of tots.

They do, however, share an employment history.

Her real name is L.A. Smith, his is Bryce Lane.

Their high-school senior portraits are featured in the ad for Classmates.com, the site run by Renton-based Classmates Online that helps its 40 million-plus users find and stay in touch with old friends — particularly former school chums for reunions.

Smith is now 46, a writer, editor and artist in Bothell; Lane is 34, an investment banker in Bellevue.

Their imaginary online happily-ever-after tale began a little more than three years ago..."

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